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Robi Domingo has even more things lined up for him by Bernie Franco | February 12, 2009 9:01 AM | Share this article

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There’s no doubt that Robi Domingo is one of today’s busiest showbiz newcomers, being a VJ, actor, endorser, and a student all at once. He admits that his packed schedule’s a killer but he shared with how he manages to keep things in check. “When you're happy and when you’re ‘loved’ and I’m not saying [being loved by] the fans lang… and when you are in the zone to do things, you feel that you’re invincible and you can do anything. I just feel [like] it right now,” he revealed.

Robi was also recently introduced as a member of the all-male Star Magic dance group Gigger Boys along with Enchong Dee, Sam Concepcion, Arron Villaflor, Dino Imperial, and AJ Perez. Although Robi confessed that he is not really a dancer by heart unlike the rest of the Gigger Boys, he said that he practices hard to keep up with them. The 19-year-old ex-Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus housemate also confirmed that he is doing an upcoming teleserye very soon.

For now, Robi tries to enjoy every minute of his career, especially when he feels inspired. “When people are inspired, they can do anything. Right now, I really am,” he admitted. He confirmed that the non-showbiz girl he is courting is one of his sources of inspiration, but he refused to divulge further details.

Robi said that his efforts to become spiritual also help him manage his hectic schedule. “You just need a little time for Him, the Big Boss. You might say I’m kind of spiritually-inclined. I have to face the fact that He's planning something for us that we don't know yet but just give everything to His will.”

Given his age and his growing popularity, someone like Robi could easily get intoxicated with fame, but the young star says he makes a conscious effort to keep his feet on the ground. “I’m not flaunting. It (fame) doesn't get into my head. Sinasabi ko nga ngayon, what I have achieved are blessings. I cannot say they are achievements. It is given to you and people support you. ‘Yung mga nangyayari sa akin ngayon, ‘di ko pinapasok sa ulo ko kasi it’s something to be shared.”

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