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A day in the life of Robi Domingo by Rachelle Siazon from

Sem break has just started and Robi Domingo is happy to share that he did well in his first semester in college despite his newfound career as an actor-model. After his stint in Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus, there have been a lot of changes in his life, including the fact that he can no longer spend his vacation with nothing to worry about. So what is a typical day for Robi these days? How does he spend his spare time? Find out as follows him around for a whole day.

7 to 10 am, AteneoHigh School

After dropping off his brother Maro at school, Robi proceeds to the chapel to hear the daily mass. Then he approaches Father Eli and some students to goof around for a bit before excusing himself from the crew to make a private confession.

Afterwards, he takes on a tour of his favorite hangouts which includes the Campus Ministry Office (where his good friend and teacher Brother Jomari tells us that Robi almost joined the priesthood), the cafeteria, the field where he used to play baseball (his favorite sport), and the “Post” area where misbehaving students are required to stay for hours at a time. Not that Robi has ever been given that particular punishment during his high school days, but he only dropped by to say hi to some of the faculty. His boy-next-door charm has also apparently won over even the typically strict security guards.

But as much as he misses the simple life of a high school student, Robi is happy that he’s past the stage of being trapped in the classroom the whole day, just like the bored HS boys who comically scream his name when we passed by.

10 am to 12 nn, Home Sweet Home

Robi and his family just moved into their all-white dream house in a quiet but peaceful subdivision about a month ago. But his hectic schedule hardly gives him time to enjoy their spacious two-storey house complete with pool. In fact, he didn’t even know that they had an outdoor shower room near the pool area when StarStudio Magazine featured the house in its October issue. And he’s yet to discover the purpose of the understated cupboards upstairs.

No one else is at home when Robi shows the house (even their trusty caretaker Manang had an appointment with a dermatologist). Unlike in their old townhouse, Robi and Maro now have their separate bedrooms. But years of habit and a secret passage through their closets mean Maro often ends up in Robi’s room, using the phone extension there for hours. When his brother takes over the phone and the bed, Robi ends up sleeping on the floor which he says he doesn’t mind.

Robi eagerly plays for us some of his favorite classical and modern songs, including Second Hand Serenade’s “Fall For You” (which he dedicates to his special someone) on the piano and Parokya Ni Edgar’s “Harana” on guitar. Later on, his three pet dogs (a chow-chow, a Maltese, and a mini-pinscher) beg for his attention so he gladly plays with them for a while before set out for lunch.

12 nn to 3 pm, Lunch and shopping at Trinoma

While eating heartily at a Japanese restaurant, Robi shares how his handler Luz Bagalacsa has filled his sem break with lots of activities, events, and special occasions to attend so he needs to pick up some new clothes. After enjoying a filling lunch, Robi orders an Angus burger for takeout (what for, you’ll know as you read on) from an American fast food joint before heading to the Bench boutique where he bumps into former My Girl co-star and fellow Bench endorser Gerald Anderson. The two briefly catch up in between requests of photo-ops from awestruck students before Gerald has to leave. Robi meticulously looks for shirts and sweaters that fit his casual style. He soon makes his way to the cashier but first he gamely mirrors Gerald’s pose in a Bench poster.

3 to 3 pm, Flowers and a burger for Robi’s special gal

“It’s not about the flowers, but the intention,” says Robi after admitting that he hasn’t learned what’s the favorite flower of the girl he’s been courting. This happens to be his first time to send flowers to someone other than his mother, Mary Ann.

Looking excited and nervous at the same time, he looks through the flower shop’s catalog of floral arrangements to see what suits the love of his life whom he describes as the “perfect girl.” But as usual, he remains elusive about her identity and even asks the shop clerk to keep their transaction confidential. He orders half a dozen white roses (to convey his pure intentions and sincerity) to be delivered at the girl’s house together with her favorite food which happens to be the burger Robi bought earlier. Robi believes that the old adage that “the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” also applies to women.

3:30 to 4 pm, Pinoy Big Brother House

Aside from using its convenient reserved parking space, paying homage to the big yellow house has been part of Robi’s routine whenever he’s in the vicinity. “Masarap lang bumalik sa pinanggalingan. Literally, [in-apply ko] yung Filipino saying na,Ang ‘di tumingin sa pinanggalingan ay ‘di makakarating sa paroroonan.’ At saka I promised naman them (PBB staff) na every time I go to ABS-CBN that I’ll pass by here,” he explains. True enough, PBB Operations Manager Billet Sanggalang quips that Robi always makes a pest of himself there. But it’s pretty clear that the staff is happy to see that Robi has stayed the same long after his stint as a teen housemate.

4 to 5:10 pm, ABS-CBN compound

Robi has to record his updated KRing for his KText at the ABS-CBN Interactive offices where he meets the whole A current MYX VJ finalist, Robi takes the crew to the MYX offices and the ABS-CBN Publishing offices next door. His naturally warm and friendly manner is greeted with smiles by those he meets and even the security guards seem to know him well.

5:10 to 7 pm, fetching his mom

It’s rush hour by the time he picks up his mom Mary Ann from her office at SSS (Social Security System) where she’s a resident doctor. Though she was ready to go home by 4 pm, she didn’t seem to mind that Robi came an hour late. As Robi’s self-confessed number one fan, she gives him her all-out support and understanding when it comes to the demands of the business.

Robi’s mom proudly shares stories about her oldest son as well as the challenges of spending quality time with him and Maro. Arriving home, mom Mary Ann gives a more detailed tour of the house while offering some refreshments and a relaxing chat.

7 to 8 pm, ABS-CBNTalentCenter

Since he wasn’t able to catch his handler at the Star Magic office earlier, Robi returns to ABS-CBN to fix his calendar of activities. Though tired from doing errands the whole day (as he has been doing in previous days), Robi still opens up about matters of the heart and the things he’s willing to do to impress a girl.

Then he switches to serious mode while listening to handler Luz update him about his upcoming engagements. Afterwards, he drops in on an ongoing workshop of Star Circle Batch 16 and some of his ex-housemates Valerie Weignmann, Alex Anselmuccio, and Ejay Falcon.

For the last stop, he brings to the MYX studios where he hopes to be after the MYX VJ Search Finals on October 21. He reveals that he would really feel heartbroken if he loses the chance to be a VJ on his favorite music channel.

8 pm, home again

Robi finally calls it a day and heads home.

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