Saturday, May 26, 2012

Robi Domingo says he looks up to Toni Gonzaga and Bianca Gonzalez as hosts.

As part of Pinoy Big Brother’s select group of celebrity hosts, former housemate Robi Domingo admitted he felt very privileged to chosen as one of the PBB Teen Edition hosts along with John Prats. Robi revealed that at first he felt intimidated to be working with PBB’s veteran hosts Toni Gonzaga and Bianca Gonzalez, but he has also learned a lot from them.

“At first, there was a certain fear na you feel your this tiny compared to them. Sino ba hindi luluhod sa mgagoddess ng PBB? Yun yung ginawa ko eh. As the days progressed, they instilled this code na hindi naman nila sinabi sa akin pero they taught me this code through their actions, that the most important thing that a host must do is not to open his mouth  but to listen. And with listening you get to really talk to the person,” he told

Robi admitted that he had to sacrifice his summer plans with his family in order to grab the chance at hosting PBB Teen Edition, but he does not regret missing out because he says he can always go on vacation when the season is over. “For Holy Week I had hoped that I could go to Canada to visit some of my relatives there but because of plans for the launching of PBB Teens, it will be cancelled pero okay naman kasi this time around I’ll be hosting with JP (John Prats) so I’m also very much happy and excited about that,” he said.

After coming out of the PBB house in 2008, Robi honed his hosting skills as a VJ on MYX and a host on ASAP. The 22-year-old said he has definitely grown as a host because of all these experiences. “It was hard at first. When I auditioned for MYX I didn’t actually know that they were going to accept me. Before I had just a simple dream of being like my classmate when I was in grade school when he was a hosting a certain event. I told myself I want to be like that guy on the stage. I was happy with the idea of getting so much attention before.Tapos mahirap talaga kasi I was too shy, bulol-bulol pa ako, I couldn’t really find the words when I’d be on stage na tapos I couldn’t talk to the opposite sex pa so that was really a big dilemma for me. And then sa loob ng bahay ni kuya I was the silent type kasi yun nga, I don’t know how to talk to people. I don’t know what to bring up first. Tapos yun, through my experiences inside the house, natuto naman ako. And from there naisip ko na kaya naman pala,” he said.

Robi admitted that he was really looking forward to meeting the newest batch of teen housemates after being part of PBB Teens himself. “First of all, ito talaga yung show na kinalakihan ko. Dito it’s not puro seryoso. I’m also more familiar with this format and everything since I came from that show. I could say na alam ko yung mga pagdadaanan ng mga teen housemates this coming season,” he said.

Robi said that he only has one piece for advice for the teens inside the PBB house right now. ”My sole answer would forever be is just be yourself. I don’t have any particular goal or game plan in store for you, just be yourself and at the end of the day, people will like you no matter who you are,” he said.

CREDITS TO: Rhea Manila Santos

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