Saturday, July 18, 2009

The VJ Robi Exclusive It's been months since you became a MYX VJ, is it everything you expected it to be? How has it affected your career?

VJ Robi: It's been great! I've always loved music and being on MYX just takes the cake. Nakikita ko naman kila VJ Luis and Nikki before na masaya sila sa ginagawa nila kaya nung I got the job, I expected it to be fun din. Not a bed of roses but I enjoy my job at MYX. How has popularity changed your life?

VJ Robi: Obviously mas napapansin na ako when I'm in public places. Madaming nagpapa-autograph and picture but I know naman that it's all part of the work, fruits of my labor ika-nga and syempre nae-enjoy ko naman yung popularity ko but I surround myself with people who don't make me forget who I am, they keep me grounded - family and friends ko. How do you handle the schedules between showbiz work and your VJ chores for MYX?

VJ Robi: Good question, honestly medjo mahirap. Minsan when I'm concentrated on my MYX and showbiz work, it dawns on me na parang - oo nga! meron pa pala akong school work that I need to think about. I guess I just need to be on time for everything, balance is the key. Katulad ng sabi ko, I enjoy my life pero hindi sya bed of roses. What has been your most memorable experience so far of being in MYX?

VJ Robi: It has to be the Summer MYX Fest 2009. First time ko nun sa Boracay kaya sobrang saya. VJ Dre took me on a tour around Boracay and gave me some tips to enjoy the place. Galing din ng mga bands that performed kaya sobrang memorable. What has been the most difficult thing to learn og being a MYX VJ?

VJ Robi: Spontaneity. Dapat handa ka to sya anything that makes sense. Of course we have guides but being spontaneous is the secret to being a good VJ. Are your fans mostly showbiz fans or MYX fans?

VJ Robi: fans! hahaha! Actually halos madami on both sides. Maraming Robilievers and RTCs na showbiz and MYX fans, pati online. Thank you pala to for posting my pictures and stuff. Fans expect a MYX VJ to be in touch with the music industry, news and new releases of hot artists. With your busy schedule, how do you cope?

VJ Robi: Well sometimes nakwe-kwento din ng ibang VJs like si VJ Dre. When I get home, I also watch MYX kasi if there's anything new in music - MYX is sure to report it. How do you handle your "assertive" female fans?

VJ Robi: First of all, flattered ako. Nakakataba din ng puso to be admired. Mahirap i-describe eh pero masaya yung feeling. How do you keep them happy?

VJ Robi: Spending time with them when I see them anywhere - that would mean signing autographs, posing for pictures, talking to them. Salamat din sa chat na ito because I get to interact with the fans wherever they are. Thanks! What is your message to the MYX viewers and fans?

VJ Robi: Salamat for all the love, support and admiration. Keep on supporting po my MYX shows and my ABS-CBN shows. Salamat din for helping me set a record for the most attended chat with 526 chatters. See you all soon! Thanks!

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