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2009.10.25_Sun Star Daily: Mikee shares views on PBB Double Up

Former Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) teen housemate Mikee Lee posed concern about the recent task that required two sets of housemates to pretend that they are a couple.

"I was kinda alarmed about what they they were asking them to do. They were asking the housemates to act, make pretend that you're married, make pretend that you're a couple," he said.

"Because what they want to show in the house is not their own personality. 'Yung teleserye ng totoong buhay,' I'm scared that it might go overboard. I'm pretty concerned but I know that the tasks there are well thought of," he added.

But other than the initial concern, Mikee said the new twist brings out more of the competitive spirit of the housemates.

"You know that you have an opponent who will wake you up when you do something wrong," he said.

As compared to the PBB season where Mikee joined, the teen housemates only had to compete for one goal which would translate to budget for good.

"The competition is okay because personally, I really like competition. I really want a rival. In grades for example, I have to know what the valedictorian is doing so I can gauge it," he said.

When competition enters the picture, people can help but compare Mikee to Robi Domingo, a fellow Atenean who also became a part of the Big Four of the PBB Teen Edition that followed.

"Robi is a good friend. We're from the same school so I don't see why we have to be pitted against each other," he said.

They were even carpoolers in an outreach program when Mikee was in second year high school.

He thinks this is all because of the similarity in the image they exude.

"I guess in terms of image we just get mistaken for each other a lot but i'm sure that there will come a point when we'd do different things, to assert our identities more," he said.

Both Mikee and Robi are into hosting but Mikee said they are into different flavors of hosting.

Robi is a video jock in music channel Myx while Mikee hosts Y-speak on Studio 23 and Soul Mix in TV 5. He was also the host of now defunct television show Take Five in TV 5.

"Majority of the shows I hosted were puro advocacies. I'm happy because Y-speak is my dream show," he said.

Mikee also said that he tries to practice even if there's no show while he hopes that Robi gets better and better.

He also commends Robi's humility.

"Robi, I see him in school sometimes. It's good that he's humble despite the success. He's humble. I think that's the way it's supposed to be because in this business, those who become famous in an instant, it gets in our heads. We have some sense of entitlement," he said.

CREDITS TO: Angela Casauay

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