Monday, November 2, 2009


MANILA, Philippines - Robi Domingo joins Nikki Gil and Chris Tiu as the latest celebrity endorser of the National Book Development Board’s Get Caught Reading Campaign.

Everyone remembers how Robi was introduced to stardom and how, a few days short of his summer break, he graduated from high school along with fellow batch 2007 housemates inside the PBB house. But was that hundred-day period of round-the-clock surveillance really a crossroads for Robi? Did he have to choose, after being offered multimillion peso deals, between school and showbiz?

Apparently not. Robi says, “Ateneo is a big part of who I am, not only because it factored greatly in my involvement in showbiz, but also because of the schooling I have received from it since I was a little boy. I look up to the many Ateneans who are also on TV and in the movies, yet manage to keep their grades high, like Chris and Nikki who do a lot more than me. Dropping out of school altogether was out of the question.”

CREDITS TO: Philippine Star, September 30, 2009

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