Monday, November 2, 2009

MYX Slam Jam 2009 at San Sebastian!

Despite the very humid weather and the extreme traffic, Sebastinians still partied 'til they dropped at the MYX Slam Jam '09 at San Sebastian College-Recoletos Manila! The students didn't mind the sweat and the crowd. They knew they were there to have fun with the number one music channel in the Philippines, MYX!

Almost all the VJ's came to join in the fun! Monica, Bianca, Drei, Robi, Chino and Nikki made the whole afternoon wild with all the exciting games and not to mention all the hugs and kisses from VJ Drei and VJ Robi!

Pupil "disconnected" all the bad vibes in each Sebastinian and gave a rockin' show with their hits! Aurora was there too for those who came for the heavy alternative music. And of course, Callalily who claimed that their MYX Slam Jam performance in San Sebastian was one of their best gigs this year! The weather may be wild but MYX Slam Jam in San Sebastian was wilder!

We want to thank all of all the Sebastinians who joined us for the MYX Slam Jam! Check out our photo gallery of the hip happenings during that day! You may also see your picture or your friends' pictures here!

You can only get the best events with the number one music channel in the Philippines, MYX! Your choice. Your music.


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